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Social media has not known just a platform for easy and simple advanced online marketing but it has become a revolution of our century. Many people are using different social networking sites and some have tried to capture its importance but they do not know about its advantages and disadvantages. Good morning respected principal, honourable teachers and my dear friends. Today, I lois varghese of 12-c would like to share a few positive and negative effects of social media. All of us know what a social network is as most of us are active users of the most ongoing social networking site Facebook. Well Social networking sites can be defined as a virtual place available on the internet where users can communicate, share ideas, activities, events, watch and listen music, play games send and receive messages and many more other interesting activities. It also gives a platform to the users to create their own virtual social space where they can upload or publish their own information.

A few social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, My Space, orkut.ask,fm.

Advantage of social networking sites:

* These sites give users a platform across the globe to express their feelings and views. * It is a great source of communication between two users, irrespective of the distance between them. * It is a great source of entertainment and gaming.

* It helps to give rise some newcomers in the world of music, acting, drama, and other arts. * It helps to make people and community aware of any issue. * It helps to bring social change in society.

* These sites are not only a source of creating social activities but also a great way to participate and enhance our skill through participating in many contests and activities. * I would like to stretch more on the educational part of it as these sites also help in terms of awareness and motivations through many educational groups and communities.

People can experience the broadness of...
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