Leadership Profile : José Mourinho

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Nasser Bouzboune18/10/2011
MNG100 Ms. Tbatou
Based on external research (library, Internet, etc.) write a short text about the manager of a famous company. Describe at least one of the functions that the managers perform.

As we are all aware of, football clubs have become companies and most of their presidents are business men. This is so because the sport itself has become a business where a lot of money is spent on and a lot of money is earned from as well. However, this essay’s topic is about an important part that forms the structure of this “new” business, management. As we have discussed in class, management makes part of everything and whether we want it or not, we are managers ourselves since we have to deal with a lot of action in our daily lives. If we plan what we need to do throughout a day and organize ourselves with time, then we are in the right track. If we can lead ourselves in tough days and get the best of ourselves then we are better. If we can control our routines then we are successful and complete managers. A football manager has the same job and the most successful ones are those who work hard to fulfill these four functions stated in the previous sentence. In this essay I will be describing the job of one of the most successful European football managers, José Mourinho, and focus on his planning and leading functions more than the other two.

Portuguese football coach Mourinho, also known as “The Special One”, is one of the most successful managers in football and has proven it by winning many trophies and breaking numerous records with many football clubs throughout Europe. How did he do it? This is the question many ask. He started out as a football player and decided to pursue his studies in sport sciences and management rather than becoming a professional football player. After he finished his studies he became the assistant coach of two well-known football managers (Bobby Robson and Louis...
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