Leadership of Howard Schultz

Topics: Barack Obama, Leadership, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: April 1, 2012
New captain on board?

The hunger of new leadership for staggering rate of unemployment

" Howard Schultz for President?". Howard Schultz, who is a founder & CEO of Starbucks has showing concern about the future of Americans. His recent activities including boycott the political donations, until Washington, D.C coming up with some "real effort" to reduce the debt ceiling. Disappointing with the U.S political leaders as they failing to act appropriately while America's confidence is faltered.

By looking at the past, the Starbucks CEO has indeed achieved a remarkable milestone, from a sales person in Xerox Corporation in 1979 and to today, a massive green giant astonishing leader. All this footprint certainly is not coincidence or miracles. In the past, economy volatility, US recession, consumer demand instability struck his business beyond all recognition. Despite all this pitfalls, this premium coffee maker able to embrace the resistance and continue serving quality coffee every corner till today. Looking at his context ,all these demonstrates that his business understands the concept of "ostrich syndrome", meaning by burying their head in the sand when facing criticism. And such, Howard now challenge the leadership style adopted by the U.S government by not hearing the heart of the Americans. The question here is, "Can his leadership style fit perfectly in the political field"? Many critics claimed this is total different ball game, not just about coffee bean. As Howard apparently lack of political experience, this has put his entrepreneur leadership into challenge.

Howard's leadership however substantiated by evidences, well, at least from business perspectives. In his business history , this captain well aware that customer response and satisfaction is the best business performance thermostat. But to achieve this corporate desire , will require tremendous effort, starting from top management down to every barista in Starbucks. In such...
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