Leadership: Jack vs Ralph

Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Leadership: Ralph vs Jack

Ralph is a democratic leader. He thinks situations through before he acts and his decisions are of such a kind that everyone benefits. Ralph has a calm way about him which causes an automatic feeling of respect towards him. He is compassionate, especially towards Piggy, for example when Jack and Simon ignored Piggy, Jack was the one to talk to Piggy and to make him feel a bit better about himself. He has a natural talent for sensing what people are good at and gives them tasks accordingly. Piggy wants to know everybody's names and so Ralph makes it his task to learn all the names. Ralph was elected the leader when the boys first came together. He is a very powerful leader because he boosts the boys' hopes up of being rescued, knows a bit about the wilderness and has the respect of the other boys. He was elected leader because he got all the boys together using the conch. He treats everyone fair. He has an idea on how to get rescued – he has a fire built on the mountain so that when a ship goes by they will see the smoke and rescue them. He puts Jack in charge of the choir and so 'promotes' Jack to his level of leadership in the company. Ralph perseveres. He continues building shelters even though nobody is helping him; he insists on having the fire burn at all times even though they are in the middle of nowhere and the chances of a ship passing by are slim.

Ralph sets goals for the group and expects them to meet them. He is naïve when he expects everyone to behave like they would at home in England. He is also dependant on Piggy for most of his ideas. Ralph did however suggest that the fire be built as well as the shelters. Ideas like this, thought helpful to the tribe, were not very popular with the boys. Boring tasks and hard work drove the tribe's favour away from Ralph. Another bad quality of Ralph's is that he was always letting Jack gain power and influence, even though Ralph is the chief. A good leader would stop rebellious...
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