Leadership and Organizational Performance

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Leadership and Organizational Performance

Kelley, R. C., Thornton, B., & Daugherty, R. (2005). Relationships between measures of leadership and school climate. Education, 126(1), 17-25. Retrieved November 5, 2007, from Research Library database. (Document ID: 901917061). This article was a research study that examined the relationship school leaders has on the school’s climate and the effectiveness of the school. The study will be extremely beneficial to the pending research because it specifically examined the effectiveness of the elementary school principal’s leadership styles and reported how their individual leadership style affected school climate. This research is pivotal because it will add additional literature to assist my understanding of leadership styles of elementary school principals. The authors argue that there exists a correlation of an effective school with strong leadership, a climate of expectation, an organized atmosphere, and efficient communication. This research was interesting and in striking contrast to other similar research topics because Kelley, Thornton, and Daugherty’s research excluded large schools that had both a principal and an assistant principal. In excluding large schools, the study was free to isolate the leadership style of only one school administrator, which was free of the influence of the assistant principal. Lee, Y. Y. (2005). Teachers' perceptions of principals' transformational leadership and teachers' job satisfaction and school commitment. Unpublished doctorial dissertation, Fordham University, New York. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from ProQuest Digital Dissertations database. (Publication No. AAT 3178858). This unpublished doctorial dissertation examined teachers’ perception of transformational leadership behaviors in their school principal. More specifically, the study was conducted to determine if the behaviors of the school principal enhanced the levels of teachers’ motivation and commitment to...
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