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“Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn't have happened otherwise.”

Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence others to reach success. It is a quality that a person must have to be a good leader. As a leader a person must be wise in dealing with certain situations whether it is good or bad. Being a leader you take a lot of responsibilities and you take charge in things you want to do or achieve. In a class there are always group projects to be done and there was a time that my group mates chose me to be their leader. I was the one who lead them in planning our project and I told them about my ideas and the things to we needed do. I became in charge of everything that we had to do. But during the project making we had problems with our schedules because it didn't match at all and it was hard for us to do or plan it together so I divided the work to each member, made them research about our topic and then set a date for a meeting in which we work on everything that we have to make a good project. And there was also a time when we misunderstand each other so the situation got more complicated but it was fixed because we talked to each other. And by that as a leader I needed to motivate my group mates, and I had the confidence to finish our work perfectly and I was committed to our work. As a good leader I think I got a good communication skill because I get to fix the group’s issues and I guess being positive also helped for me to do a good job as their leader and during on the process I was really patient because of the problems. But my work as a leader wasn't perfect I became hard to them maybe because of the pressure in doing well and I forgot to have a sense of humor I forgot to have fun while doing our job. And there was a time that I was distracted by my other projects and lost focus in this so I guess I need to improve my sense of humor and be more responsible the next time.

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