Leaders of the Sports World: Nike

Topics: Nike, Inc., Bill Bowerman, Swoosh Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Leaders of the Sports World
Andrea M. Delvalle
Etido Akpan
Bus. 508
Strayer University

Nike is the leader in sportswear and sporting equipment. It is a public company /major retail that was founded on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. The company was headquartered in Oregon. It was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight. Philip Knight was a track athlete at the University of Oregon and his track coach, Bill Bowerman, helped him launch his idea. The company’s mission was to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world (help-us.nike.com). Bill Bowerman says that if you have a body, then you are an athlete. Bill and Philip’s vision was to help the world by making state of the art sporting equipment. The stakeholders of Nike are very smart. Nike as a whole has been very successful as a sporting company. Nike’s strengths are that it is very competitive and sponsors the best athletes all around the world and gets recognized and the most elite sports company in the world. Nike is very strong at development and research. They keep evolving and creating new products and new ways to make money. They are a global brand. Nike is easily recognized by their symbol that is called a “swoosh.” The Nike symbol was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson (Origin of the Swoosh 2007). She was a graphic design student at Portland State University and had met Philip Knight while he was teaching advanced accounting classes and she started doing a little bit of freelance work for his company. At that time the company was still called Blue Ribbon Sports. The Nike swoosh was inspired by the awesome Greek goddess Nike, the winged goddess of victory. The swoosh logo symbolizes the goddess’ flight. Nike already has a great legacy in the sports world. There are no gaps in customer experiences or customer expectations. Nike seems to be way ahead of the game, similar to Apple being great in the technology world. The swoosh symbol is well known around the...

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