Laundromat Business Plan

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Laura’s Laundromat
The Eco-Friendly Laundromat

Business Plan
March 1, 2009

403 S. Czech Hall Road Yukon, OK 73099 405-577-5651


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1.0 Executive Summary Laura’s Laundromat is a startup laundromat that will target a customer base of low to middle income renters or owners. Laura’s Laundromat will differ from the conventional “coin-op” laundry by implementing the newest technologies available in the laundry industry. The most notable of these technologies is the ability to eliminate the coin from the “coin-op” business. Laura’s Laundromat will be implementing the smart card technology that allows customers to purchase a vending card that can be used for all equipment located within the store. Some of the obvious advantages of using the smart card are the elimination of the daily collections of coins from each machine, the ability to change prices throughout the day in various increments and as a marketing tool to bring customers back each week since they will still have a credit value on their card. 1.1 Objectives Laura’s Laundromat objectives for 2009:      Secure financing by the end of April Incorporate to an LLC by Build and install equipment in the store by the end of October 2009. Open for business by November 1, 2009. Achieve profitability by the end of December 2009.

Laura’s Laundromat growth objectives for years 2009 and 2010.  2009-10 – Stabilize costs while extending customer base to maximize profits. 1.2 Mission Laura’s Laundromat will be the leader in the self-laundry business by providing a clean, safe and reliable store at a cost less than or equal to its competitors, along with satisfying the customers needs and costs objectives. Laura’s Laundromat will also be environmentally conscious by installing high efficiency washers that use less than 50% of the water and detergent than most conventional washers. Laura’s Laundromat will provide a safe and secure children’s play area so our customers can have a place for their children to play while they take care of their laundry. In addition, we will provide free Wi-Fi


services. The most innovative feature of Laura’s Laundromat will be two exercise machines for those who would like to exercise while their laundry is being cleaned. In this, Laura’s Laundromat will be a community friendly establishment that is friendly to the environment, yet technologically innovated in its approach to securing a consistent customer base. 1.3 Keys to Success As a start-up company new to the area, and introducing new technologies, we must be focused and work hard to create acceptance for ourselves and our services within the marketplace. The keys to our success are:  Provide a clean and safe environment.  Provide competitive pricing.  Maintain a steady, disciplined pattern of growth.  To make laundry a social event, not a drudgery.  Minimize wait times for equipment.  New features such as Wi-Fi and exercise equipment which allows one to multi-task.  Provide signage in English and Spanish. 2.0 Company Summary Laura’s Laundromat is a family owned and operated company that provides self-laundry services targeting low to middle income renters or home owners. By implementing the smart card system it will eliminate the need for our customers to carry change around with them to do their laundry and create return customers to utilize their smart card. 2.1 Company Ownership Laura Ridley will be the sole owner of Laura’s Laundromat. Mrs. Ridley is currently a homemaker and an Independent Distributor for...
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