Laptop Charger Project

Topics: Electrical power conversion, Alternating current, Rectifier Pages: 4 (478 words) Published: April 25, 2012


ECE 411

I- Introduction

The goal of this project is to design an AC-DC converter to power a personal Laptop computer. Chargers are a costly component of laptop computer. This project will implement a design that will lower the cost of the charger.

II- Application and Economic Issues

The designed AC-DC converter would many functions and benefits. 1. Functions
• Convert 120 V AC voltage to 18.5 V DC voltage • Supply load 65 Watt
• Protect against surges
• Protect against voltage spike
2. Benefits
• Low cost
• Safety of laptop

III- Application Design Requirement

The design of the laptop charger would require the use simulation software. In this project we will bee using PSIM software.

IV- Theory of the Design

The laptop charger would be designed using a single phase transformer and a rectifier circuit with filter.

1. Transformer

We will use a step down transformer with the specification listed in the table below. The transformer is designed to connect in series for AC-DC converter design. It is needed to input at 120 Vdc, and output at 25 Vdc. It is about a 4:1 step down.

|Style |Secondary |In Parallel |In Series |Height |Width |Depth |Mounting | | |Each winding | | |(cm) |(cm) |(cm) |(cm) | |LHV |12V at 4-8A |12V at 16A |25V at 8A |4(3/16) |3(1/2) |3(5/8) |2(3/4)*3 |

2. Rectifier circuit

A full wave rectifier in a bridge configuration will be used. The rectifier circuit will be composed of 4...
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