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Ecotourism in the Turks &
Caicos Islands
Ecotourism TCI
Eco-tourism is participating in ecologically
which ideally bring benefit to the local ecosystem.
Turks and Caicos Islands has set aside over
33% of its entire land
and sea regions for preservation purposes : National Parks, Natures Reserves,
and Protected Areas. The
world’s largest biodiversity saltwater wetland
reserve – the Ramsar
Site – accounts for of
1/3 of East Caicos, ½ of
Middle Caicos and ¼ of
North Caicos and provides a breeding ground
for myriad birds. By preserving these areas, the
Turks and Caicos Islands have taken a stand
to ensure future generations may still enjoy the
natural wonders of this
tiny island country.

Hiking is another way to
enjoy the beauty of
Turks & Caicos Islands,
while the fantastic scenery fills your eyes. Miles
of pristine beach, path-

ways to old colonial ruins and trails along the
cliffs all await for you to
explore. The tough indigenous vegetation colours the land with green, and
while surprising
yellow or orange leaps
up from cactus and flowering shrubs. Take a local guide and listen to the tales of bush medicine made form a wide
variety of the plants,
good for most ailments.
Mountain bikes offer another route through the

landscape, and stops at
local houses where a
warm welcome awaits
add to your day.
Although it may seem
odd to pair ecotourism
and convenience in a
sentence, the simple access to unspoiled nature
in Turks & Caicos Islands is indeed convenient – both getting to the country and getting to
pristine sites once here.
This is a tiny country, of
forty individual islands –
of which only a dozen
are inhabited. The archi-

pelago formed by the islands creates a circle,
nestled within which we
find a wide variety of lifestyles, culture and natural habitats. The reef is the major feature here in Turks & Caicos, with spectacular walls of coral disappearing into the ocean depths
– and TCI is noted as one
of the world’s top scuba
diving destinations. The
protection of the reef is
paramount, with dive
boat anchor bouys set

Crossing Place
Crossing Place Trail is
the traditional walking
path that allowed residents of North and Middle Caicos to visit across the water
The waters of the channel between the islands
could only be crossed at
low tide
There are two natural
water holes and cachements along the trail
Seven beaches line the
north shore of Middle
caicos as you walk westward along the Crossing
Place Trail

up, dive etiquette taught
to all and knowledgeable
dive operators strictly

Local guides are available to tell of the days
gone by when they
walked to school along
the trail

Ecotourism TCI 2008
The health and vibrance of the TCI
reefs is glorious and the experience
of drifting gently as an underwater
visitor quite awesome. Best yet, for
those not inclined to the complexity
of scuba diving, the experience of
the reef is available by pattering
along the surface with a mask and
snorkels, lazily watching the myriad
small darts of colour, as fish dart in
and out of the coral heads.

Most visitors to TCI stay on Providenciales, the main developed island but eco -tourist excursions to the other islands provide a welcome
contrast, and take you into the island culture in a fascinating way. The local residents on the ‘family
islands” live a life far removed from
the bustle of international tourism
on Providenciales, maintaining a
dignity and traditional lifestyle that
is well worth a visit.

Native grasses and palmtops
are cleaned, dried, cut and
then sewn into baskets, hats,
brushes, brooms and bags for
all uses

Kayaking is another special venture
here. Sitting on the water, moving
through the waves and exploring
the mangroves that provide habitat
for thousands...
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