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1. Academy CABYis located at CB. The Academy is situated close to the coast and has a long runway which is capable of handling all wide-body aircraft. Established by the British as RAF CABYin the 1920s, the base was attacked by the Japanese during World War II. After independence large numbers of buildings and geographical areas were changed without proper understand of the land use management.

Land use is the human use of land. Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment such as fields, pastures, and settlements. It has also been defined as "the arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover type to produce, change or maintain it"

2. Problem Analysis/Statement

Due to the interdisciplinary or unstudied nature of works carried out diverse experience and various points of view have been incorporated in the land use planning concept. Hence many problems occurred.

1. New buildings was constructed but not in best places
2. New construction plan may destroy the natural living place of animals 3. Awareness of Land use planning concept, Hence it’s not optimum utilizing land. 4. Building constructed cost was high

3. Purpose of the Study/Objectives

The ultimate goal of this research is to prepare the Land Use Map and zonal map to answer the above problem and prepare zonal map on following area.

1. Soil
2. Defense
3. Cottages
4. Sports
5. Entertainment
6. Farming & Agriculture
7. Birds watching

4. Statement of Research Hypothesis

Hypothetical assignment that has come up with integrating several GIS and Remote sensing Technologies to minimize the construction cost and find out the best location to establish communication towers, building, agriculture and entertainment need.

5. Definition of (unfamiliar) terms

SLAF-Sri Lanka Air Force

6. Significance of the Research

1. ArmyAcademy CABYdoesn’t has updated survey map. Survey Department of Sri Lanka did the survey At CABYon over 20 years ago and it available on hard paper. Hence the Land use Map is not available. Without studying or analyzing the Land use that difficult to find optimum location to construct the building, Find good location establish communication systems, Air Defense gun Location, and other development projects.

2. Army Academy hasn’t studies the soil of the camp area. If there a good study on soil. Soil map will help to plan the buildings and find out good location to establish Agriculture area, Swimming Pool and etc.

3. Land use and land management practices have a major impact on natural resources including water, soil, nutrients, plants and animals. Land use information can be used to develop solutions for natural resource management issues such as salinity and water quality.

4. Despite land-use impacts, land is required to support human and ecosystem needs. Land use planning help to build housing, industrial, and commercial needs of growing human populations. Agricultural land is critical to provide food and fiber to growing populations. Forest areas provide raw materials for housing and the lumber industry, and are important habitats for wildlife. Wetlands and water bodies cover land and are important in sustaining aquatic habitat and water supplies. Coastal fisheries, which are influenced by land-based activities, provide commercial and recreational opportunities. Thus, the basic needs of food, water, fuel, clothing, and shelter are met from the land, which increasingly is becoming limited in supply. Every citizen responsible to use natural resources effectively to sustain the natural environment.

5. The out come of my purpose study to develop the zonal and land use map to effectively plan the land use,...
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