Lady Liberty: A Narrative Analysis

Topics: Statue of Liberty, Stevie Wonder, New York City Pages: 6 (1427 words) Published: March 5, 2017

Bodies press against each other, packed tighter than sardines in the boat. People from all walks of life chatter. Our many languages joining together like a symphony. A figure appears in the distance. Her hand held towards the sky, her torch guiding me to my new home. America, the land of opportunities, the land of the free. I run to the edge of the boat with the rest of the children, cheering. My Mama calls me over, tears streaming down her face.
“Emily. We’re here! We made it. God has blessed us with a new home.”
“Does that mean we get to eat dinner now?’
“It does, alanna.” She laughs as she hugs me. I squirm out of her grip. To join the rest of the children.
Our ship, the faithful, Transylvania, docks in New York harbor. I envy the rich...

She marked the end of a long hard journey and a start of a new life. A German immigrant said that “I thought she [Lady Liberty] was one of the seven wonders of the world.” This sentence informed me of the hope and wonder that immigrants felt when they saw her for the first time. In my story, “A figure appears in the distance. Her hand held towards the sky, her torch guiding me to my new home. ” emulates the same feeling of wonder and hope felt by the immigrants when they first saw lady...

I used the sentence, “Thousands of questions echo through the grand hall, begging for answers.” to show the confusion and worry of the immigrants. The majority of people who entered through Ellis island did not speak English. These people where not prepared for the lengthy acceptation process.

Every immigrant had to undertake a medical check. In this check, doctors were looking for any illness that could cause a person to become dependent on a state. This medical check was very short and rough. This is why it earned the nickname "the six-second physicals" by the immigrants. Those who needed a more thorough check where marked with chalk and removed from the lines. This caused the separation of may families.
“Doctors Shove me from side to side. Searching my eyes, teeth, and hair. Not bothering with how they shove me. Grabbing my hands. Feeling my neck. But, before I know it they have moved on, looking at the next person in the line.”
I used this passage to reproduce the rough, fast check of the physicals. This is why I used many short sentences.

I also approached the background check in a similar way. By using short phrases and dialog to show the fast paced manner of the background check.
“Name?” He fires at me.
“Emily Farmer, sir” I reply.
“Twelve and a half”
“Male or...
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