Lack Of Education Dbq

Topics: Education, School, High school, Teacher, Family, Poverty / Pages: 1 (242 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2015
The children’s lengthy, strenuous work hours led them to have the inability of receiving a legitimate education. As observed “in a photograph taken at tenements, the children were at home with their mothers” (Document 6). All things considered, the children must’ve been at home instead of at school. Thus, the generation to come was not going to be very successful due to illiteracy and ignorant civilians. People’s lack of education would not only affect themselves, but also the United States of America. According to the testimony, “C: What time did you begin work at the factory? B: When I was six years old” (Document 7). Elizabeth Bentley was not able to attend any school because she initiated working at age six. There was no time for her to

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