Labour Day

Topics: Laborer, Trade union, Eight-hour day Pages: 1 (516 words) Published: March 22, 2015

Today is September the first it means today is Labour Day in the USA, but What are labourers doing now? Are they relaxing or going somewhere with their family or friends for resting? The answer will be very Easy. No. Maybe the reason is about words, “Yes” or “No”. As you see No has only two letters and it can get out in easy way. Unfortunately They are working not all of them but most of them. It is not very long time for me to live in the Dream Country, USA. I was surprised when I hear September the first is holiday because of labour day because in my country and I think in the most of countries labour day is on 1 May. How the day became Labour day? It has a long story I will share a very small part of it. It was 1886 lots of workers went to demonstrations for eight-hour workday in Chicago. After this and many events like this, workers achieved some rights which includes eight- hour workday, but How is it going now? I would like to star my essay with Labour day in my country -Turkiye(Turkey)- It is on 1 May as International Worker day. It is national holiday in my country as most of countries. There is no problem for worker who is working for government but what about others. Do they do holiday in their day? For most of them the answer will be same we need to save money so we don’t need to have spare time. If we translate worker day to my language the situation will be more ridiculous because it is translated as Worker(labour) festival, like a Christmas for Christian or Ramadan for Muslim. Unfortunately it is not festival for worker it is festival for elite and middle class because they do holiday but the worker are still working. By the way it is holiday for student too. The only group which need to work are Worker whose the day called by their job. Today I went to a shop to buy something when I intented to go my roommate told me I think shop will be close. I told him I can check and if it is close I will be back soon, but...
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