Lab 1: the Effect of Ph on a Food Preservative

Topics: Hydrochloric acid, Chlorine, Sodium chloride Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Summary Expectations: Example Summary
(15 total points for every summary)

Student Name
Partner(s): None
Chem 253—TA: TA Name
Lab 1: Effect of pH on a Food Preservative (we’ll used this as an example) Date of Experiment

Purpose (1 point)
Should be a very brief statement such as: To determine the effect of pH on the food preservative Sodium Benzoate.

Theory (2 points)
In this section you should briefly summarize what the textbook says in regards to the history and uses of the chemicals that are being utilized in the experiment. Nothing elaborate – just the basic idea behind the reaction.

Reaction (3 points)
Reaction: sodium benzoate + hydrochloric acid ( benzoic acid + sodium chloride Amounts: 2.00 g 5.0 mL 3M

+ HCl → + NaCl

***Note that if there is no “reaction” for that lab (if we are doing a separation), this section should include pictures of all of the compounds used in that lab. In such a case, also replace “Yield Calculations” with a “Percent Composition” of what you were analyzing/separating.

Yield Calculations:

Because there are less moles of sodium benzoate, it is the limiting reagent.

The theoretical yield of Benzoic Acid is 1.695 g.

The actual yield of Benzoic Acid is : whatever you got in your experiment.

The percent yield of this experiment is: [pic]

***Note that for this section the images are retrieved from and the graphical calculations using Microsoft Equation editor (in Microsoft Word chose: insert, object, Microsoft Equation 3.0). The reports themselves have to be typed, however, if you would rather just draw the structures for the reaction as well as the math behind your calculations, feel free… just make sure you leave sufficient room to add these after you print your report.

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