Ku Klux Klan

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Investigation of The Ku Klux Klan

1.0 Introduction

1.1 What is/are the issue(s) under discussion.
The issue is that if the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) should be watched. They are gaining a lot of members and gaining influences around the southern states.

1.2 Who are the organisations/persons involved.
The organisations that are involved were the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and the groups they targeted are people who are not a white Anglo-Saxon protestant (WASP), such as blacks, new immigrants, Catholics, Jews and etc. The KKK leader or ‘imperial wizard’ is William Joseph Simmons.

1.3 What are the objective/aims of this report?
The significance of KKK is that they are a far right organization that promotes white supremacy, white nationalism and anti-immigration. They are fighting for ‘native white, Protestant supremacy. They expressed these ideas by terrorizing individuals that were not white and having different beliefs (usually Blacks). They are also anti- * Communist

* Negro
* Jew
* Catholics
* And they are against all foreigners

2.0 Process

2.1 Field Agents Report-

2.2 Newspaper Reports-
In 1926, in Kansas’s newspaper, the Klan described who they were fighting against

“… Every criminal, every gambler, every thug, every libertine, every girl-ruiner, every home-wrecker, every wife- beater, every dope-peddler, every moonshiner, every crooked politician, every pagan papist priest… every Roman controlled newspaper, every hyphenated American, every lawless alien…”

This is just saying who or what the KKK are fighting against and for. This helped them because many people have supported them in the early 1920’s.

2.3 Eye Witness Reports-
A man who seen claimed he had seen the KKK in 1920 at Atlanta

We saw white-sheeted Klansmen everywhere, walking about with their hoods thrown back, eating in restaurant. The road was a creeping mass of cars. They were draped with flags and bunting and some carried homemade signs with Klan slogans such as “America for Americans” or “the Pope will sit in the White House when Hell freezes over…”

This is just saying how KKK influences and how strong they really were.

2.4 Klan Documents-
William J Simmons, who helped to make the Klan popular again in 1915

“America is a garbage can! ... When the hordes of aliens walk to the ballot box and their votes outnumber yours, then that alien horde has got you by the throat.

Klan poem in 1920

“I would rather be a Klansman in a robe of snowy white, than to be a Catholic Priest in a robe as black as night, For a Klansman is an American and America is his home, But the Priest owes his allegiance to a Dago Pope in Rome.”

2.5 Other Sources-
An extract from David M Chalmers, Hooded Americanism:
“The Klan was a super-secret organization; masked and mysterious, with a tradition of violence for which a generation of legend had achieved a high measure of social approval. The attainment of its… goal, which were to protect God, Country, home, Womanhood, The South and White Supremacy, was of paramount urgency Its greatest selling point was the protection of traditional Americanism.

Coughlan, ‘ Konclave in Kokomo’, in The Aspirin Age 1920 ‘Once organized in strength, the Klan had an effective weapon in the economic boom boycott. The anti-Klan merchant saw his trade fade away to the Klan store across the street. Where the store window carried a ‘TWK’.

Colonel Winfield Jones, Story of the KKK, 1921 quotes a statement from a Klan leader. “We are not anti-Jewish; a Jew who can subscribe to the temets of the Christian Religion can get in. We are not anti-negro. Scores of other fraternal organizations do not admit Negroes. We are not anti foreign born; we merely require that members be native born Americans. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a purely patriotic fraternal organization… it stands for the preservation of American ideals and institutions, the protection of the home, the chastity of womanhood, the...

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