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EDMUND HOOPER (10 years old, lost his mother 6 years ago. His father is cold, unable to influence him. He has never know what it means to live in a happy, loving environment. He is left on his own much of the time and has become private and possessive His father find him unresponsive and does not know how to relate to him.) CHARACTERISTICS

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (with page reference)

He systematically bullies and terrorizes Kingshaw to the point of suicide. It began with the note he gave K ‘I DON’T WANT YOU TO COME HERE’. (11). H knew K could be frightened, so he used every possible means to instill fear in him. Examples: putting a dead crow on his bed (27), locking him in the red room with the dead moths when K was afraid of moths, (31), lying that K had pushed him in the water, kicked and punched him at Hang Wood, (110, 112) locking K in the shed when K is afraid of the dark (120), tormenting him that he would be bullied in the new school (126). Without moral principles, without remorse

Despite being saved by K when he was injured at Hang Wood and being given K’s sweater to keep warm, he accused K of kicking and punching him at Hang Wood. (110, 112). This shows he has no gratitude and takes great delight in making K a victim, causing him to suffer, never feeling a moment of guilt or remorse. When he locked K in the shed, K thought ‘The time they spent in the wood might never have been.’ (125) When he finds K dead, H thought ‘ it was because of me, I did that, it was because of me, and a spurt of triumph went through him. ‘ (195) Enjoys wielding power

Having observed from the first day of K’s arrival that K was not going to fight back, he began on his campaign of terrorizing K. ‘He could not have imagined the charm it afforded him, having Kingshaw here, thinking of things to do to him.’ (25) For example, he spies on him saying to himself ‘I shall find out about K, just by waiting and going into every room in the house’. (36, 37) He knows where K’s weakness is and exploits these. For example, after K had torn up and burnt H’s battle charts, H said nothing, causing K to be anxious and fearful. Then K was awakened at night by the sound of a slip of paper slid under the door ‘’Something will happen to you, Kingshaw”. (192, 193) Has no respect for authority

When he saw his dying grandfather, he compared him one of the ‘dead old moths’ to which his father’s rebuke was ‘You must show respect’. (1) In the train to London with his father, he was curt when replying to his father, showing a blank expression that frustrated his father (35, 36)

CHARLES KINGSHAW (10 years old. His father is dead and Charles has little memory of his father. He is not able to confide in his mother.) CHARACTERISTICS
SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (with page reference)
Very nervous and insecure. He has been moved from place to place and all he wants is security.

He was conscious that with his father’s death, his mother did not have enough money and they lived in other people’s houses. His mother told him ‘you must be polite, you must not be a nuisance, it is their house, not our house.’ (60) He was a G.B.B. – a Governors’ Bequest Boy, which meant he didn’t pay fees. He felt insecure. (97)

His mother said ‘you were always such a nervous child’ (116) Afraid of many things, especially new situations. He prefers the familiar to the unknown.

He was afraid of the dark (116), the circus caused him terror ( 182, 183), he was afraid of crows (21 -22). Since he was very young, he had been terrified of moths (30) Lacks self-confidence and is unable to stand up for himself.

When he befriended Fielding he was ‘half-mad with pride and pleasure’. He said ‘Fielding is mine, this all mine, mine,’ He looked on Fielding as his special friend, one he would not share with anyone, he needed the comfort and security of having something that belonged only to him.

He wants...
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