Korean Food

Topics: Korean cuisine, Kimchi, Galbi Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Topic: Introducing Korean foods and Korean restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Attention-getter – Fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes, and hot oven baked biscuits. Aren’t you hungry yet? Perhaps your mothers and grandmothers had their own special recipes for these mouth watering, down-home cooked southern foods. Well let me tell you about mouthwatering food from my heritage - Korean food. Thesis – Korea has long tradition of food that many Americans can enjoy, now very easily in Atlanta. Link to audience- On a weekend or on a special occasion you want to go to a unique place, but often just end up going to the same steak or seafood restaurants that you already went to a million times. If you feel adventurous that day, maybe you will try Chinese or even some Japanese. Nevertheless, to most of you a Korean restaurant probably never came across on your mind. Preview – That is why today I will talk about the origin of Korean food, some popular Korean foods among American people, and finally I will introduce you to some Korean restaurants in metro Atlanta.

Transition – Just like C. Wine (2001) stated in his newspaper article when it comes to food Korea has been the forgotten Asia. First, I will introduce a history of Korean food.

Main point – But with its 5,000 years of history, Korean food is very distinctive, and has a lot to offer. Support – The three sides of Korea are surrounded by the sea. In addition, 70% of the land is covered in mountains (Wine, 2011). Furthermore, Korea has 4 seasons. According to Kong Foong Ling (2007), the author of the “The Asian Kitchen,” these geographic and weather conditions gave my ancestors wide variety of meat and fish dishes along with many wild greens and vegetables. Support – Also, compare to the close neighbor countries, Korean food is less oily than Chinese but not as blend as Japanese. Korean food uses steaming and boiling as a main cooking method on many of its dishes....
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