Knowledge of Ignorance Is Powerfully Blissful

Topics: Knowledge, Ignorance, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: February 8, 2011
As my grandmother always told me, "Ignorance is only bliss until you learn the truth." We've all grown up hearing both phrases "ignorance is bliss" and "knowledge is power" but we're never told which is more valid. In my opinion, both are true as general principles, but there are exceptions to every rule.

Ignorance is bliss, yes indeed. Ignorant people can be happy because they only need to see one side of an issue. Those who are ignorant choose to have no idea what is going on around them. When you are ignorant, you choose to not recognize that there is wrong in the world or that wrong is being done to you. These days, the government preaches ignorance, advertises it everywhere, and showers us with propaganda so that when we are happy in our ignorance, they can go about their controlling ways without us worrying about what they are doing. Bliss through ignorance is only fitting for the heartless and the lazy.

Knowledge on the other hand can be powerful. How often have you heard people say, "If only I had known?" or wished they had more information before making some sort of life changing decision. The way to overcome the negativity that knowledge of the deeper things in life bring is to understand the responsibility knowledge brings by using the intellectual thinking people possess to create ways to better society, and to right the wrongs that are taking place in society. When you know the facts about something, you can make a more informed decision about events and things going on in your life. I believe that most people would prefer to not be left in the dark.

In the end, I believe that both "ignorance is bliss" and "knowledge is power" are both valid statements. If you had a friend who robbed a bank, not knowing about their plan would benefit you. But if you were to have discovered a cure for cancer, of course that would be extremely powerful. So instead of making the hard decision between which is more valid, I'll just say that "knowledge of...
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