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The Kite Runner
1. Amir is the main character and the narrator of the book. Amir grows up extremely privileged with a rich father named Baba. He feels deprived of an emotional connection with Baba. He thinks that his father blames him for his mothers death and wishes he was more like Hassan. Hassan was Amir’s best friend but, he was jealous of Hassan’s relationship with Baba. Amir constantly teased Hassan although Hassan always defended him. Amir sacrifices Hassan for his fathers acceptance. After Hassan is raped Amir feels guilty and therefor acts out towards Hassan. Amir’s character changes when he finds that he and his wife cannot have children, so he devotes his life to saving Hassan’s child to make up for his mistakes. “I always felt like Baba hated me a little. And why not? After all, I had killed his beloved wife, his beautiful princess, hadn’t I? The least I could have done was to have had the decency to have turned out a little more like him. But I hadn’t turned out like him. Not at all.” (p.19) 2. Hassan was Amir’s best friend and half brother, Baba’s second son. He was a Hazara and considered inferior in Afghan society. Hassan is loyal, good-natured, brave, intelligent, selfless and forgiving throughout the entire book. He was very gifted with a slingshot. He and his “father” Ali were servants to Baba and Amir. While Amir was at school Hassan would do work around the house. Hassan always defended Amir and as a result Aseef raped him. “You’re a lucky Hazara,” Aseef said, taking a step toward Hassan. “Because today, its only going to cost you that blue kite. A fair deal, boys, isn’t it? “More than fair,” Kamal said. Even from where is was standing I could see the fear creeping into Hassan’s eyes, but he shook his head. “Amir agha won the tournament and I ran this kite for him. I ran it fairly. This is his kite.” (p.72) 3. Baba is the father of Amir and Hassan. He is a wealthy, determined, and independent Afghan man. Baba’s major concern about Amir is that he doesn’t have the courage to stand up for himself. Baba had very good morals and believed in doing what was right, although he did commit the only sin of which he claimed was lying and withholding the truth about being Hassan’s father. “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.” (p.22)

1. One major conflict in the book deals with the relationship of Amir and Hassan. After Amir fails to intervene in the rape of his friend Hassan, he deals with his constant guilt and tries to make up for his actions. Throughout the book Amir thinks about Hassan and reminisces on their relationship as boys. When he finds out that his wife cannot bare children and he finds out that Hassan was killed and that his son is in an orphanage he makes it his mission to find his son to make up for his mistakes. Amir confronts the man who raped Hassan while trying to find his son. When Aseef beats up Amir he feels like he has finally gotten what he deserved and he feels relieved. “My body was broken—just how badly I wouldn’t find out until later—but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed.” (p. 289) Theme

1. One major theme in the book was the search for redemption. Amir’s mission to redeem himself is the heart of the novel. Amir tries to redeem himself to Baba by winning the kite tournament because he feels responsible for his mother’s death. Also he tries to redeem himself from the guilt he feels toward Hassan. He redeemed himself from that guilt by finding Sohrab and bringing him home and by confronting Aseef. The standard that Amir must live up to his what his father said early in the book, “a boy who doesn’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.” He failed to stand up for himself as a boy so he redeemed himself by standing up for what was right in the end. “That was a long time ago, but it’s wrong what they say about the past, I’ve learned, about how you can bury it. Because...
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