King's Got Game Analysis

Pages: 4 (789 words) Published: March 25, 2018

Explanation: The name “Kingnology” comes from “technology”. Since all the games we are providing the consumers and tech based, creating a company name that provides users the knowledge of fast high advanced game would want them to interact more with the company. Kingnology is also a name you cannot forget and any consumer would remember.
Name: King’s Got Game
Explanation: The name “King’s Got Games” comes from the consumers knowing every individual in the school is a competition to one another meaning, “King” as in every student in the school has “Game” the ability to play. This provides a perfect example for consumers to know about each other's strengths and come out to participate and play against their friends!
Explanation: For our logo, we inserted an iconic item from Mario Kart with the a crown on top of it. We placed a rainbow ribbon under the blue shell and used a picture of space as the background. The blue shell was used because it is eye-catching and well-known item from Mario Kart. Upon looking at our logo, the viewer will understand what our event is related to. The crown shows that the event takes place in the school. The rainbow ribbon and picture of space keep the logo colourful and also allude to a popular map in Mario Kart, Rainbow Road....

This slogan gives the consumer the assumption that he/she is capable of winning if they are good, thus being more concerned on their reputation to win. The game involves how the individuals ability from the game and the tactics they use to play. Passion and determination to achieve first place is an individuals needs to succeed in the...
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