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King Lear Slideshow

By Bryce-Romeo Jan 13, 2015 417 Words
King Lear
By: Bryce Romeo

King Lear: Loyalty and
In William
Shakespeare’s play,
“King Lear”, the reader
will see many
throughout the scenes.
One of these
juxtapositions, is loyalty
and betrayal. We will be
taking a closer look at

Goneril’s Betrays her
“Sir, I love more than word can wield matter; Dearer
than eyesight, space and liberty.” (Act 1, Scene 1)

This is one of the first forms of betrayal. The
reader will note that Goneril is professing
her love for her father but it is a lie. This is
an ultimate form of betrayal, because she’s
exaggerating her love just so she could get
more estate from her father.

Cordelia’s Loyalty to her
“Unhappy that I am, I cannot
heave my heart into my mouth. I
love your majesty according to
my bond; no more no less.” (Act
1, Scene 1)
Cordelia is honest with her
father, when she is professing he
love. Her loyalty is shown by
being honest with her father;
Even if he does not believe her
or leave her anything. Cordelia

Edgar’s Loyalty to His
“Give me thy arm. Poor Tom
shall lead thee.” (Act 4, Scene
Edgar lost all his possession
and status, and became poor
Tim (a beggar.) These
unfortunate events happened
because Gloucester distrusted
his son. Edgar’s loyalty is
showd when he guides his

Edmund Betrays
“This courtesy, forbid thee, shall the Duke instantly
know, and of the letter too. This seems a fair deserving,
and must draw me that which my father loses - no less
than all. The younger rises when the old doth fall.”

Gloucester tells Edmund of a letter that
warns that the soldiers are coming to start a
war with Britain. Edmund takes this
opportunity to hurt and betray his father

Authority and Chaos
King Lear is both a king and a father.
Who gave his fortune to his unworthy
daughters, Gorneil and Regan, based on
the lies they told him. For this reason,
King Lear has turned over Britain to
chaos. This realization causes King lear
to reconsider his values and understand
himself, and helps him want to tackle the

Conclusion of King Lear
Order and Chaos is seen throughout
King Lear, and one of the more common
elements is loyalty and betrayal.
Between both sons and daughter
towards their parents. Which is
something that can be applied in reality
that is also seen between parents and
children. Now it is just a matter of which

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