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In almost all movies there is a beautiful heroine that always catches the eye of a protagonist who falls madly in love. Though not all protagonists are handsome men/women; such as Beauty and the Beast, King Kong, and Penelope, all these stars lack the appearance of normal people. Their appearance ranges from a beast, an ape, or a pig, but true love is what can set them free. There are major differences and similarities between each film, but only one major theme; love.

King Kong is about the giant gorilla that is captured by Carl Denham’s crew and taken to New York City. That’s just the basic one sentence summary. The film has a deeper story behind it. Denham is on a voyage for his next big film, after stumbling upon a map to the mysterious Skull Island. There he plans to shoot a film with the great giant ape. Without telling his crew or cast he leads them upon a journey they would never forget. His main star, beautiful Ann Darrow is in for the surprise of her life. When the crew and cast find the island, they stumble into a sacrifice ceremony where the islanders offer up a young beautiful woman to the great Kong. When they notice Darrow they want her to offer to the big gorilla. Later on that night, when all is quiet aboard the ship the locals kidnap Darrow and return her to the Island to be the sacrifice to Kong. Her pale white complexion, crystal blue eyes, and honey blonde hair would strike the great gorilla and tribe as beautiful. Once Kong has Darrow in his grasp, he can’t help but protect her from every touch of danger. Kong fights many monsters in order to protect Darrow. Some would say that the giant ape was falling in love with her. He would gently pick her up or set her down with care, protect her from harm, and even found the great daring Jack Driscoll as a threat to Darrow’s safety. Though Driscoll was there to rescue Darrow and bring her back safely to the ship and home to New York City. Only there in New York, does Kong meet his demise trying to protect Darrow.

Then there’s Beauty and the Beast, where a cursed man lives in his cursed fortress, where even all his loyal servants are cursed. This curse is a little different though, their timeline is based on how long a beautiful rose blooms, and can only be broken if he learned to love and be loved by another. Prince Adam, cut himself off from the world and awaited his doom, until a lost man wanders into his castle, soon followed by his daughter to the rescue. Belle finds her father locked away in the beast’s castle, and willingly trades places with her sickened father. While she is at the castle one night, Belle runs away from the beast. He goes after her and protects her from the savage wolves in the woods. After that night they begin their first steps towards friendship. The beast treats her kindly by giving her full access to his library, eats with her in a gentleman manner, and attempts to make her happy by doing what he can. Till one night when Belle asks to see her father one more time and the beast lets her leave. Belle finds her father sickened in the woods trying to find his way back to help Belle. After Belle returns her father safely home, the town is upon them. Gaston, the town’s heartthrob, is dying to do anything to marry Belle, even lock her father away in an insane asylum. This plan formed after her father walked into the town pub asking for assistance in rescuing his daughter from the massive beast. To Gaston’s surprise the beast is actually real. Later on, the town joins together to face the beast and “save” the town. The beast, already defeated from when Belle leaves to return to her father, is quickly being kicked around and beaten down up until Belle returns giving the beast hope. Only minutes away from a reunion with Belle, the beast is stabbed by Gaston. Both men lost their grip and are inches from falling to their death, when Belle quickly grabs the beast and pulls him to safety. Once safe, Belle admits to the dying...

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