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In the book of Octavia Butler's "Kindred," one can observe the different tones, characterizations, and point of views of Dana on pages 18-27 and 59-70. For example, on pages 18-27 the use of Dana’s point of view allows her character to speak directly to the reader, and shows how she maintains control of her emotions in a strange and dangerous situation. We also see how Dana was very cautious about her surroundings, because she was in a different era and wondered who the child she kept seeing was. Dana's tone was scared, because she knew that in the past her race was not treated as good as she had lived in the present; also her rights in the past were not the same anymore so Dana had to be very cautious. Her characterization is always in control since she is a well-educated person. Throughout the story, Dana finds out that the kid she kept seeing was Rufus. Rufus is a little boy who always ends up in trouble. Rufus is not a well educated kid, because Rufus’ dad instead of giving him love treats him badly just like he does with his slaves; Rufus feels like he shouldn’t be like that and wants to be a different person. When he meets Dana, Rufus’ tone towards her was very commanding; he was not scared of her because he knew that he had the power to control her, so this makes Dana to control her emotions, because she is afraid that something can happen to her if she doesn’t respect him. On the other hand, on pages 59-70 Dana’s characterization changes, she is more comfortable with Rufus, because she notice that Rufus was not bad after all compared to the white people in that era. Dana’s tone in the second passage isn’t scared anymore of Rufus instead she cares about him. Dana doesn’t want to upset Rufus, because Rufus depends more on her then on his mother; she need to be on his side because if something happens to him she has to be right there to comfort him. Dana knows now in what era she is living in, so in the second passage, it shows us that Dana is...
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