kidney transplant

Topics: Family, Kidney, Chronic kidney disease Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Damon Albert
Ms. Cook
Eng Comp1- 8:00
The Day
Its 4:00am, my alarm has just gone off, on a Thursday morning in December. I was 14 at the time, I had to get steroids shots every day to help me grow. I just woke up and I went to check my phone to see what the weather report says. It says, it’s supposed to snow all day. I sleep in the basement so by the time I got upstairs my mom and dad were already dressed and their suitcases packed. I started getting dressed and packing my suitcase. I went into my brother’s room to get my clothes, I look at them and they were all still asleep. We are about to head out the door and my mom and dad were staring at me like something was wrong, they kept asking me if I was ok or if I was nervous. I kept telling them I was fine but, they kept telling me its ok to scared, nervous, and that everything would be all right. I really wasn’t nervous or scared at all, even if it was just a month ago at the doctors in Kansas City I found out that I needed a kidney transplant.

About Three hours later we show up at Children Mercy hospital at about 8:15 when our appointment was at 8:00, which is actually early for my family, because my family is always late. We go up to the first floor and go to the kidney center. On the way over to the kidney center my mom and dad still contently ask if I’m ok and telling me that everything will be alright. We finally get into the kidney center and I get signed in. This kidney appointment was different today, because I was getting tested to make sure I could get a transplant. The doctor came in to the room and was telling me what I was doing that day. We had to stay in Kansas City for two days before we could go home and we wouldn’t know the result of the tests for a couple of weeks. After about a month we got the results back and everything was good and that my family could start getting tested to see if they could donate to me. My mom, dad, my two uncles, aunt, and my godfather all wanted to...
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