Khan Academy

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Khan Academy !
Case study!
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How did Khan Academy

In late 2004, Khan began tutoring his cousin Nadia in
mathematics using Yahoo!'s Doodle notepad.

When other relatives and friends sought similar help, he
decided it would be more practical to distribute the tutorials on YouTube.

Khan to quit his job in finance as a hedge fund analyst at
Connective Capital Management in 2009, to focus on the
tutorials (then released under the moniker "Khan Academy")


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website created in 2006.

The website features thousands of educational resources,
including a personalised learning dashboard, over 100,000
exercise problems, and over 4000 micro lectures via video
tutorials stored on YouTube.

All resources are available for free. Khan Academy reaches
about 10,000,000 students per month and has delivered over
300,000,000 lessons

Case Overview

Salman Khan founded non profit education academy called Khan Academy in 2006.

He is a graduate from MIT and Harvard Business School.

The slogan is “A free world class education for anyone &

The website has 4500 micro lectures and the academy has
delivered over 260 Million lessons.

Khan Academy founded as a non profit organisation in 2009.

The tutorials saw great success with all sorts of people.

By 2011 the viewership increased up to 2 million per month.

They got 10 million dollar from gates foundation and Google.

From the very early stages, many people were impressed by
Salman Khan’s teaching

Wife of renewed venture capitalist, John Doerr who later
contributed 100.000 Dollar to the foundation.

Bill Gates was also impressed and mentioned Khan’s name in the Aspen Ideas Festival and gave him 1.5 Million dollars.

Sal is famous for dividing his content into small manageable, bite sized nuggets.

Bill Gates was also impressed and mentioned Khan’s name in the Aspen Ideas Festival and gave him 1.5 Million dollars.

Sal is famous for dividing his content into small manageable, bite sized nuggets.

Latter Khan was regarded as Bill Gates favourite teacher and won project 10 award.

He was later joined by long time friend Shandana Sinha.

Initially Sal was tutoring his seventh grade cousin from there good names spread and in 2006 he started to upload videos on

All the feedback by people motivated him to upload more videos.

The name Salman Khan which is the same as the actor Salman
Khan. So ho got a leverage his label.

Although Khan does not appear personally in videos, he works on digital equivalent of a blackboard however the videos were
private, intimate and convenience.

Initial Setup

Finding office space, internet set up, building IKEA furniture. !

In accountant and lawyer where appointed to register properly as non profit.!

Vision of the future class room was discussed. !

Pilot with LASD in November in 2010. !

They worked closely together for two months for website and
the backend knowledge map, dashboard and practice
exercise on problems sets for the LASD and other users.

To help create more precise in accurate diagnostic

Train student how to use Khan’s website.

To inform parents that Khan Academy lessons corresponds with class teachings.

Khan speaks at 2011 TED conference and was introduced by
Bill Gates.

Got extreme number of inbound e-mails letter, 99% were
ignored in 2 seconds.

Khan Academy as of 2011

More than 2600 videos from Math to finance.

Two million unique viewers in one month & it was 98
YouTube channel.

Able to retain 60 to 70% of the new users after PR events.

However, 85% to 90% users are in US & Khan see India as major opportunity for future growth....
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