Key Elements of the Cinderella Story

Topics: Cinderella, James J. Braddock, Great Depression Pages: 39 (6198 words) Published: May 5, 2013

|Activity 1 | |Key elements of the Cinderella story | |We are going to explore the history of Cinderella stories in order to develop an understanding of the elements of the story | |that are appropriated in the film Cinderella Man. | | | |The Cinderella Story | | | |Cinderella is one of the most recognized stories around the world. The themes from the story appear in the folklore of many | |cultures. Sources disagree about how many versions of the tale exist, with numbers ranging from 340 to over 1,500 if all of | |the picture book and musical interpretations are included. The tale has its own Aarne Thompson classification which is 510A. | |The tale always centres around a kind, but persecuted heroine who suffers at the hands of her step-family after the death of | |her mother. Her father is either absent or neglectful, depending on the version. The heroine has a magical guardian who helps | |her triumph over her persecuters and receive her fondest wish by the end of the tale. The guardian is sometimes a | |representative of the heroine's dead mother. Most of the tales include an epiphany sparked by an article of clothing (usually | |a shoe) that causes the heroine to be recognised for her true worth. | | | | | |You may have or know of a book or a video of a Cinderella story. Or your family may tell a version of the story that has been | |passed down verbally from your relatives. | | | |Research the history of Cinderella stories on the Surlalune Fairy Tale website | | | | | |In a small group of three or four discuss the Cinderella stories that you know about or read during your research. | | | |What differences and similarities are there? | | | |We received the fairy godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the animal servants, and the glass slippers from Charles Perrault’s | |version in his Contes de ma Mere L'Oye in 1697. Perrault recorded the story that was told to him by storytellers while adding | |these touches for literary effect: a more humane ending than many versions of the tale with Cinderella finding husbands for | |her sisters...
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