Kara Walker

Topics: Slavery, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: May 7, 2009
Kara Walker

Producing mural-sized, paper cutout silhouettes to create a dense caustic narrative of nineteenth-century, way slavery. She details the black-paper cutouts with stereotypical characters ' pick of mammies, slave mistresses, and masters. My first impression of her work is that she elegantly portrays scenes from African American plantation life; however, I became aware that sexual, violent, and mistreatment of the images are represented repeatedly in her landscapes. Her expressions in the grotesque history of slavery and race relations in America. The use of stereotypes to detonate ancient equations of racism.. I am aware that Walker does not accommodate herself to the White society that once shared the belief that slavery was justifiable. Her use of stereotypical and devastating imagery becomes a weapon, and she seems to avenge the past sins of the society in which she creates her work.

For African Americans, the pain of racism is ever present, and Walker's world is devoid of the sinless and the passive black victim. “It's born out of her own anger. "One thing that makes me angry," Walker says, "is the prevalence of so many brown bodies around the world being destroyed.”( 1. Combs, Marianne. Kara Walker's art traces the color line. ) Walker mines the source of this discomfort from submerged history and goes so deep that everyone is involved. She knows that stereotypes have not disappeared: they have only been hidden. The animated figures of her cut-paper wall murals attempt to change a painful past into satire. Consequently, African Americans can conquer a fear of racism in which the themes of power and exploitation continue to have deep meaning for them in contemporary American society.

Walker's art work represents racism, slavery, sexual abuse or oppression but it seems that Race dominates everything, in Ms. Walker's art work. She finds a chaos of contradictory ideas and emotions. Its mostly based on the white vs black them in slavery...

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