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Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information.

Understand how to assess information and knowledge needs Information and knowledge needs internally and externally to improve decision making and taking processes within the General Electric Co. and Cypress Semi conductor. It is to assess the best approach to managing communications information and knowledge needs; using an examination of a range of decision-making examples used within. Range of Decisions to be taken

The technique I choose for a given decision will be influenced by the importance and complexity of the decision. Decision making without planning is common but usually it doesn't do the work, there is a 20 year of research that have pointed out 50 percent of decisions made have failed and I believed that the reasons half of these decisions made have failed was mostly because of the methods they have used. To look for a good method to make the decision we should plan carefully in the first place. The benefits of planning are:

-Planning allows the establishment of goals and decisions are not only made as reactions to external stimuli. Managers now steer the organization rather than being steered by external forces, sometime the difference between planning or not is described as taking control of the situation versus responding to stimuli.

-Planning would provide a standard of measurement and it provides something to measure against so that we can discover whether or not we are achieving our goals.

-Planning can convert values into actions, when we are faced with a decision we could determine which decision will help advance our plan. When a crisis arises, thinking about the overall will help determine which decision to make will not only help solve the crisis by also help advance the plan. Without planning, decisions may ultimately be in conflict with each other.

Types of Decisions and Sources of...
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