Juvenile Program Comparisons

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Juvenile Program Comparisons
There are many programs that a juvenile can be a part of either willingly or court order to deter from future criminal activity. A juvenile may become a member of a government funded program or non-profit organization that specifies in helping juveniles who have involvement in criminal activities or may have a future leading to incarceration one becoming an adult. In this paper two programs in the state of Virginia that serve to deter juveniles from a destructive future. In a sense these programs can be comparable to programs adults attend, however, the juvenile programs are helpful in a sense that they bring knowledge to young adults and teens about their criminal activities and the future it could bring. One of the programs is called Shining Star Youth Program located in Richmond, Virginia and the second program is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia called the Youth ChalleNGe Program. The Youth ChalleNGe Program founded in 1993 gives a second opportunity to juveniles 16 - 18 year olds who have dropped out of school in success to providing the teenager counseling, structure, job skills, and service of the community and many more skills to succeed in the future (Virginia National Guard Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy, n.d.). This is the opportunity for a juvenile to make a decision on their future success and decreases them from street crime and negative social environment. As this is a voluntary program, ultimately, the decision is up to the juvenile to succeed in the future. The Shining Star Youth Program located in Richmond, VA creates relationships and alliances with other social service organizations and law enforcement agencies work together to achieve a mutual goal. The program services for the community decreases the number of juvenile curfew and youth violations and promotes education within Richmond’s school system promote and build a desire to learn and receive mentoring for success, as well (Shining Stars...
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