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http://www.politics.org.nz/webapps/cid/23106/44861/vote/vote-debate.html?questid=226 Increase the drinking age from 18 to 20?
Reasons to Disagree
This concept sounds good, but in actual fact we must think of the consequences. Should the drinking age be increased, general anger and annoyance among the youth around the age of 18 will lead to rebalance over this decision. They will drink alcohol anyway using the "you can’t stop me" concept. And what do you tell the present 18-19 year olds who have been drinking for quite some time?

Rising the drinking age won't solve anything!

I disagree with this proposal only because the conservatives in Parliament can't be bothered with incorporating healthy substance use education into the health education curriculum. No instead of doing this, they like to point the finger - it's the fault of the youth. It's not like they're coherently sober after some time at Bellamy's anyway so who are they say anything?

I think laws should be fair and specific, and address the actual problem. If the problem is 18 year olds drinking, then preventing them from drinking by rising the drinking age to 20. However, if the problem in fact is 15 year olds drinking, then raising the drinking age from 18 to 20 is going the wrong way about it. It is more important that the drinking age of 18 be enforced - i.e. people should not serve those under 18. The problem (stemming from previous drinking laws - e.g. the six o'clock swill) is in binge drinking, not drinking per se.

These problems have nothing to with age but with NZ culture.

It would only encourage younger people to break the law.

Rising the drinking age to 20 is not going to stop ages ranging from 12 to 19 from drinking we have always been underage drinking and will always be underage drinking. Isn’t it better to keep 18-20 year olds in the pubs than in halls out in the country where anything could happen?? Where there is a bouncer and bartenders etc. to keep an eye on any fights etc. that happen on a regular basis.

I am 17, 18 on Thursday 26 October. I work full time and have always been sensible with alcohol e.g. never took advantage of it. Being 17 I have missed out in going for a drink with my co-workers for the past 7 months I have been working. Rising the drinking age again is unfair and I DISGREE to it!!

As noted above, the age increase will not stop them drinking. I think that increasing the driving age is more important.

As already pointed out, the problem is not with the drinking it is the binge-drinking culture that we have grown up in. Being a student I am willing to accept that students are probably the main concern. The reason that many 18 year olds binge-drink is often not the fact that they are legally allowed to drink in bars, but more the fact that they are in their first year of university (which is generally very cruise),and often have more freedom due to being away from home. If the drinking age was raised, this would mean that people would simply have their 'binging' year when they were 20, which could be detrimental as 3rd year courses are much harder and require a greater workload. No matter what age the drinking age is when people reach that age they are going to celebrate by drinking (probably bingeing) unless they have already experimented with alcohol while they were underage, in which case raising the age has not had any effect on underage drinking anyway.

I strongly disagree because no matter what the age, people under the age of "18" or "20" are going to have access to alcohol. Parents can buy it; a friend’s parent can buy it, a sibling, aunty, uncle, cousin or older friend. Anyone can buy it and can offer it to underage drinkers. Also... If 18 year olds can vote, marry, drive, become an MP, and go to war to fight for the country, they deserve to be able to have a cold beer at the end of the day. It will also add to the street violence as you will now have the 18 and 19yr olds drinking on the...
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