Journey Vs Destination

Topics: Want, Need, Quantification Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 28, 2015
The journey is the act of traveling from one place to another. A journey is a normal occurrence. Buddha said that it is better to travel well than to arrive. Children journey to childhood, teenagers journey through high school, and adults usually journey to adulthood. It is safe to say journeys happen to everyone throughout life. I believe journeys are more important than the destination as people could have the same goals, or destination, but what makes them unique is how they got there, their journey. The average student, for example, may think homework is redundant and listening to the teacher repeat themselves for an hour is a complete waste of time. But is your grade more important than the understanding of the concept that occurs in the real world? Another case of the journey being more important than the destination is when there is a driving force or a story behind something someone really wants and there's a reason behind the destination, achieving it is more enjoyable and feels like it's been earned. For instance, I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a lawyer because there are so many people incarcerated innocently and people who need someone who cares and will actually fight for them. My goal is seems more attainable because I have motivation and a journey to reach it. Many may argue that the goal is more important than the journey for the simple fact that in order to have a journey, you must have a goal. But goals do not help you grow as a person. Getting an A for showing up to class does not teach a lesson. Working hard for that A teaches hard work and the value of learning. All things considered, the journey helps you develop as a person and let's you learn through experience. While the goal is important, the journey teaches you life lessons that may be applied to future goals. Along the way we experience, learn, grow, and change. We become more enlightened and knowledgable through the journey. The destination makes us ask questions. The journey...
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