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Ycedrah West
Journal #2
In his essay, “The Paperclip Man,” Christian Danielson tells the story of a young man (Dan) determined to break the world record for the longest chain of paper clips put together in a 24-hour period. It had been this young man’s dream to break a world record. So Danielsen, described Dan’s perseverance and explains that when he put his mind to it, there was no stopping him. Danielson notes as an example of Dan’s dedication; how he prepared everything so carefully. He also notes how Dan got angry and frustrated with himself when he left out the little details, such as how he would stretch out his paperclips and keep them from getting tangled.

In his essay “Course Requirement: Extortion” Michael Granof stretches how expensive textbooks can be. Typically textbooks run for about $120, and for science and math students they can go for about $180. So Granof states that the government is offering a solution to this problem. Granof notes, that the used textbooks market is exceedingly well organized. Used-books are cheaper after they have been sold for the first time, which is generally why the prices are so high. So students prefer to buy used books rather than new ones to avoid the expensive prices. Formal/Informal Writing

Yesterday, I got to witness my bro sign a contract to play football with FSU. He got so many offers but he didn’t really want but one. I’m proud of him and I’m glad he gets to live out his dream. I guess I’ll be wearing garnet and gold from now on. Go Noles and go bro. Formal

Yesterday I was a witness to something amazing. A cousin of mine signed a contract to play Florida State football. Plenty of offers were made to him from schools all around the U.S. but his heart was set on one, FSU. He is a great football player and he is going to make his family proud.
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