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Topics: English-language films, Laughter, Civil war Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Caterina Karas
Professor Austin
Feb. 7, 2014
Journal Article (Cold Mountain)
In the chapter “to live like a gamecock” Inman and Veasay are on their journey back to Cold Mountain. On their journey back the scene that really stood out to me was closer to the end of the chapter Inman is under a tree watching these birds. He wishes he could just become a bird and fly away and watch over the war and laugh at his enemies. The reason that scene stood out to me was because as I examine Inman’s character, I find that from the war and all the flash backs he is having it comes off as a mild case of PDSD. He is trapped within himself time to time. As his main plotline is to return to cold mountain to see his wife Ada. He runs into a lot of obstacles and more challenges that postpone him back. This scene shows us that Inman just wants everything to be okay and back to normal again. To “fly away” as in to leave all his problems. By leaving all his war problems behind he could be back home with his wife Ada living happily ever after. Instead Inman is a long way from home, lonely at heart, and having all these flash backs of the war which are slowly tearing him apart. Inman also refers to the bird as flying over and laughing at his enemies. This shows us that Inman is over this war and done fighting. He feels as if this war has gone on to long and views it as like a joke. The civil war was a blood bath with its own country and destroying the men that lived in American. I believe that’s why Inman also referred to flying over like a bird and just laughing. What country kills its’ own men? This shows us that Inman wants to move past the war and go back to his own life.
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