Topics: Working class, Social class, The Great Gatsby Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Joshua Kim
Marrene Franich
AP Literature
4 October 2013
Promt 2 Essay

In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Nick’s use of diction and imagery in his language shows that the attendees of the party are not ordinary commoners but extravagant and luxurious people from the upper classes.

Nick’s uses of diction shows the high class of the people at the party. For example, when Nick first sees Myrtle’s sister, Catherine, he describes that she is a “slender, worldly girl”. He thinks that, unlike other average women, Catherine is special and unique. By saying she is “worldly,” he implies that she is above other women. In addition, when Nick begins to describe Mr. McKee, Nick says that he is, “most respectful in his greeting to everyone in the room.” Nick believes that Mr. McKee’s manners are similar to that of a person from high society. People from the upper classes tend to be more respectful and mannerly compared to those from the lower classes. Another example is when Mr. McKee was explaining to Nick that he was in the, “‘artistic game,’” and that he, “photographed [Mrs. McKee] a hundred and twenty-seven times since they had been married.” This leads Nick to believe that Mr. and Mrs. McKee were most likely from the upper classes rather than the lower or common classes. Not many people in those times had the time and luxury to take many photographs of their wives since they all had to work many hours. By using diction, Nick shows the luxury and extravagance of the people attending the party.

Nick does not only use diction in his language, but also imagery to support his belief that the people at the party were not from a common class, but from an upper class. For example, when Catherine moves around the room, Nick begins to realize, “an incessant clicking as innumerable pottery bracelets jingled up and down upon her arm.” Catherine was wealthy enough to afford lots of jewelry, meaning that she must be from a high class since people from the lower classes were...
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