Jose Mourinho

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The son of Portuguese goalkeeper Félix Mourinho, Jose Mourinho, football began his career as a player. However, the absence of the coach decided to be a satisfying career. He worked as assistant manager and coach of young teams in the 1990s. After that worked with Bobby Robson as a interpreter.Mourinho, Bobby Robson worked with Sporting Lisbon, F.C. Worked with FC Porto and Barcelona.


The arrival of Chelsea's own: "I do my best to make the situation develop in a positive way and the football philosophy and image intend to create the appropriate team. I excuse our best players and arrogance of mine, but we have the best manager ... " 

"I never evalute Football manager as new or old. I believe in good and bad. I believe accessing to reach success ... Please do not think I'm arrogant, but I'm European Champion and special. " 

"If you wanted to make my job easier, I'd worked Porto and sit beautiful blue chair, I have the UEFA Champions League Cup,only GOD and then me”

Team player changes and my tactics and that: "If you have Bentley, Aston Martin in your garage and each day you are going everywhere by your Bentle, your are a bit silly." 

Ricardo Carvalho explode Mourinho when he is taken to the game : "Ricardo Carvalho, such as difficulty in understanding some things. He has to make IQ test, or may go to mental hospital. " 

That Arsene Wenger: "I think it is voyeuristic. There are such types, while sitting at home doing what others watch through a telescope in the other houses ... He also speaks about Chelsea, talking, talking ... " 

Asier Del Horno sended off because of Lionel Messi: "Barcelona is a cultural city of magnificent theaters. The children also learned good. 

Belief that: "Under normal circumstances, would be champions Porto, under abnormal conditions, Porto will be champions again." 

Manchester United about: "Stress? Bird flu makes me more stress. No, seriously, even if the bird flu makes me more stress than Manchester and I'm scared. " 

Leadership that: "Right now we are leading to caused by the club's financial strength. All cups taking claim, because of my effort and my superior. " 

About Frank Rijkaard: " My football is zero. However, his football life is perfect, full of achievements. In my career has lots of tropies but this time Rijkaard’s hand has a big zero. 

That Sir Alex Ferguson: "Maybe I sm60 I worked in the 20-year career in the same league and won the respect of everyone, talking to people, providing them the power of movements you'll be mild. (A few days later ...) but I do not want such a thing. I respect Sir Alex is a great manager, but he also had to comply with the procedure. I talk to the referees, and other managers do not want to do it too ... Also ... There is talk, there is shouting ... This does not mean I'm against Sir Alex. We drank wine in my office on Wednesday after the match.Unfortunately, a bad wine, and he was complaining about it. There are lyrics, have birthday in the second half of the season. I'll take a good Portuguese wine for him. " 

Arsene Wenger " doing baby-sitting team can not be champion." 

To c.ranieri "England had just learned to say good morning and good times could never discover another word" 

With Tottenham at Stamford Bridge after the tied match: Tottenham came here by bus and then a bus pulled in front of the goal. 

Mihajloviç as a bologna coach says about Mourinho "not to talk football with Mourinho. Because he never played football some of the things that one should not expect to understand," he said. Mourinho replied  own style after a very short time : "Do you need to be a jockey ? first you do not have to ride a horse." 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Eto swap coaches about the''only a fool can say that, but sad to lose a player from his nose instead of the stupid one can say only one thing, "he said. Of course, a very big striker Samuel Eto'o will never be compared with Ibrahimoviç ....
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