Johnny Tremain (to be considered a classic?)

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The Story of Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain is a fascinating book that discusses an evolving young man who is an apprentice to a silversmith. This 14-year old is determined to be a silversmith and is close to his goal when his hand is burned and he is forced to lie around the house and be helpless. Could this horrible happening be for the better? In this book, the author gives Johnny a fairly complex character; Johnny also matures through his tragic happening. This book should be regarded as a classic because it shows both negative and positive effects on Johnny and is a wonderful example of what real life is like in times where you are limited.

Johnny has a fairly complex character which contributes to deep thought-processing of the storyline. The author does an excellent job of displaying how you can treat different people, different ways in different situations. Inadvertently, Johnny would be nice to Rab but be unkind to Mr. Tweetie. This is not only Johnny’s imperfection. Many people can be hateful to others because of something they did. Rab was a good example for Johnny because Rab taught Johnny the ten-second rule. The ten-second rule states that if someone does something to you, wait ten seconds before responding. Consequently, this pause will give the person time to apologize if it was an accident or give time to think about what the next decision will be.

Over the time span of the book, Johnny delightfully acquires some enduring values. Johnny is later on in the book accepting of the situation with his hand because he learned that he can still do great things without it. A trustworthy friend, Rab, helped Johnny though many hard times and is an important part of Johnny’s life. Rab give Johnny lifelong advice and helped Johnny build his confidence back up.

Esther Lombardi on states, “A classic has a certain universal appeal. Great works of literature touch us to our very core beings--partly because they integrate themes that are...
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