John F. Kennedy

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19 March, 2013

John F. Kennedy the 35th President of USA.
John F. Kennedy born in John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts. This young man rapidly grew up as a smart and promising kid, years later he became the 35th president of America and did very good things for our country. He created good laws and tried to take this Country to another level. John F. Kennedy is one of Americas most well-know presidents; Kennedy had a quick political upraise, a very influential presidency, and an even more controversial assassination.

Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. John nicked named “Jack” was a second oldest kid of a good family of nine kids, in which there is some good people like for example: Eunise Kennedy she was the founder of the Special Olympics, Robert Kennedy a US Attorney General and Ted Kennedy, one of Americas most powerful senators that United States has ever had. John started school in a catholic boy’s boarding school in Connecticut called Canterbury, where he excelled at English and history, the subjects he enjoyed, but nearly flunked Latin, in which he had no interest. Despite his poor grades, Kennedy continued on to Choate, an elite Connecticut preparatory school. In his early years he was mostly like a teenager he didn’t do what he was told to, he did like school just like a normal teenager. Even his dad told him that he didn’t expect too much out of him but he thought that his son could be a very important and civilized person to support this idea here is the quote he used that day, "If I didn't really feel you had the goods I would be most charitable in my attitude toward your failings ... I am not expecting too much, and I will not be disappointed if you don't turn out to be a real genius, but I think you can be a really worthwhile citizen with good judgment and understanding." (unkown) After a couple of years when Kennedy grew up and went to High School he transformed in a teenager that liked to read a variety of books. The only problem was that he just read books from his own choice he never read books that were assigned from his teachers. In a couple of years Kennedy had graduated out of Choate High School and when to collage. John attended Princeton collage, but after a semester he was transferred to Harvard University in 1936. In Kennedys first year at Harvard College he produced that year's annual "Freshman Smoker", called by a reviewer "an elaborate entertainment, which included in its cast outstanding personalities of the radio, screen and sports world". He tried out for the football, golf, and swimming teams and earned a spot on the varsity swim team. As an upperclassman at Harvard, Kennedy became a more serious student and developed an interest in political philosophy. In his junior year he made the Dean's list. Dean’s list is more common used now in day as Honor Roll. In this year’s Kennedys father was appointed to ambassador of Great Britain so John decided to research and write a senior thesis on why Britain was so unprepared to fight Germany in World War II. An incisive analysis of Britain's failures to meet the Nazi challenge, the paper was so well-received that upon Kennedy's graduation in 1940 it was published as book, Why England Slept, selling more than 80,000 copies it was the most sold book of that decade. One Day Kennedy’s dad decided to send him a cable graph, telling him that he was a smart kid and saying that he did a good job with the book he wrote, here is the exact words his dad used, "Two things I always knew about you one that you are smart two that you are a swell guy love dad." (Mason) Shortly after he had graduated from Harvard University he went and joined the U.S. Navy and was assigned to command a patrol torpedo boat around the south pacific. In August of 1943 his boat was rammed by a Japanese warship and split in two. Two sailors died and Kennedy badly injured his...

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