John Gokongwei Jr

Topics: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, John Gokongwei Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: December 5, 2009
Graduate Studies Division
Lahug, Cebu City

A book review on
John L. Gokongwei Jr.
“The Path of Entrepreneurship”
by: Marites A. Khanser

In Partial Fulfillment
For the Requirement in
MGT 202 – Organizational Behavior

Submitted to:
Dr. Neri R. Gantuangko

Submitted by:
Pete Anthony Polo

March 2009
Summary of the book and its contents

This book is about a rich Chinese-Filipino businessman John Gokongwei Jr. who built his companies into a highly diversified and large business conglomerate over a span of fifty years. This conglomerate has the reputation of being the most diversified in the Philippines when compared to other publicly listed holding firms in the country today. He adopted strategy of diversification by building his own enterprise and by acquiring other companies, this is one of his many ways to gain competitive advantage. He diversified into food, textiles and garments, retail, power generation, real estate, shopping centers and hotels, aviation, finance and banking, telecommunication, oil exploration, petrochemicals, publishing, convenience store and restaurants which he consolidated by creating a holding company now known as the JG Summit Holdings, Inc. He made all of these in a span of five decades, that no other company in the Philippines can match the number of industry sector he entered.

Best practices of an entrepreneur was also discussed, so we can try to replicate what John Gokongwei Jr. has done over the years. It implements a mix of strategy aimed to gain competitive advantage in business. That turns adversity into opportunity. He shared the wisdom he had gained over his eighty years of his life, emphasized his unwavering faith in the human capacity to surmount barriers, even those barriers were created by human mind. This book even explored the terrain of the entrepreneurial mind and made us realize that entrepreneurship is...
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