John F. Kennedy's Legacy

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Cold War, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 7 (1739 words) Published: April 18, 2017

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the inspiration for the youth after World War II. He was the youngest to be elected the President of the United States. His hard work pertaining to foreign affairs and US policies is what John F. Kennedy was most known for. His hard work was eventually cut short as he was assassinated resulting in one of the most traumatic happenings in US history.
John F. Kennedy was born into a wealthy comfortable, yet uncomfortable life growing up. John F. Kennedy was born of Irish descent in Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 29, 1917. The wealth he and his eight siblings enjoyed were due to both of his parents’ backgrounds. Both of his parents came from wealthy Boston families with long political histories (Burlingame). His father,...

Kennedy was president during a time where the most prominent domestic issue was the African American fight for civil rights. Kennedy’s involvement in this fight for civil rights, or the lack of it, is still a controversial discussion to this day. Kennedy had to appoint judges that the Southern Democratic senators were satisfied with (Burlingame). However, based on the Congressional makeup at the time, it was very difficult for Kennedy to pass legislation without having to make revisions regarding this issue. The Southern Democratic senators were opposed to the civil rights movement, which made the appointed judges favor that position as well...

Kennedy’s legacy was definitely one to be remembered. Kennedy and his policies do not have a proper assessment because his life was cut short(Burlingame). For this reason, Kennedy was not able to follow through with many promises he had made. Kennedy revolutionized politics in a big way because of debates and speeches being able to be televised now required one to distinguish his style as a candidate to win the hearts of the American people.
People were always skeptical of Kennedy’s youth believing he was not experienced enough to bring change to the Nation in one of the most difficult times in history(Burlingame). They considered their qualms to be confirmed after the Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba. This was believed to be Kennedy’s greatest failures as an American President as he essentially sent the Cuban exiles to their deaths and containment, due to his misjudgement of the situation...
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