John Brown

Topics: Slavery, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Darius McPherson

The white abolitionist John Brown who has been thought of as a thief and in contrast a religious prophet led a raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859. He attempted to start an armed slave revolt by gathering 16 whites and 5 blacks. They stole a numerous amount weapons held at the U.S Federal Arms. The raid was then stopped by a squad of U.S. Marines, that was led by Robert E. Lee. In my opinion John Brown was justified in the events of Harper’s Ferry because all of the violence he committed was for a greater greater cause

There were many reasons why John Brown was justified. First off by using violence as a self defense and defense of others Brown was stabbed by the U.S Marines defending himself and his men. Secondly, he was justified by using violence as a just cause. He did this by revolting to gain freedom for slaves. The third reason why his violence was justified is because it was for the right intent, Brown fought for a new government so the slaved could be rescued and protected. The fourth reason why he was justified was by using violence as a last resort, the government refused equality of slaves to get freedom was to fight. The fifth Brown used violence was justified was because the revolting led to the civil war which ended slavery, therefore the revolting resulted in a greater good for many people. The last reason that was justified for violence was because of the probability of success. Instead of leaving his men to die he stood up and did whatever he could to guard the slaves while he was on the verge of dying. On the other hand there weren’t as many reasons why Brown was not justified for using violence. To start he was not justified when using legitimate authority. The reason he was fighting was “by the authority of God Almighty” as Brown said which is not justified. Secondly he was not justified for his act of violence in the use of proportionality. This is because they captured innocent...
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