Jimmy Carter Biography

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Jimmy Carter Biography

United States Presidents Jimmy Carter.
By Anne Schraff

James Earl Carter, Jr. Was born in the small farming town of Plains, Georgia, on October 1, 1924.

He is still alive to this day and he it 89 years of age.

Jimmy Carter was educated in the public school of Plains, attended Georgia Southwestern College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and received a B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1946. In the Navy he became a submariner, serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets and rising to the rank of lieutenant. Chosen by Admiral Hyman Rickover for the nuclear submarine program, he was assigned to Schenectady, New York, where he took graduate work at Union College in reactor technology and nuclear physics, and served as senior officer of the pre-commissioning crew of the Sea Wolf, the second nuclear submarine. On July 7, 1946, he married Rosalynn Smith of Plains. When his father died in 1953, he resigned his naval commission and returned with his family to Georgia. He took over the Carter farms, and he and Rosalynn operated Carter's Warehouse, a general-purpose seed and farm supply company in Plains. He quickly became a leader of the community, serving on county boards supervising education, the hospital authority, and the library. In 1962 he won election to the Georgia Senate. He lost his first gubernatorial campaign in 1966, but won the next election, becoming Georgia's 76th governor on January 12, 1971. He was the Democratic National Committee campaign chairman for the 1974 congressional and gubernatorial elections. On December 12, 1974, he announced his candidacy for president of the United States. He won his party's nomination on the first ballot at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, and was elected president on November 2, 1976. Jimmy Carter served as president from January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981. His achievements included a comprehensive energy program conducted by a new Department of Energy; deregulation in energy, transportation, communications, and finance; major educational programs under a new Department of Education; and major environmental protection legislation, including the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. There were major setbacks, during his presidency. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan caused the US to suspend plans for ratification of the SALT II pact. The hostages of the US embassy staff in Iran hogged media attention during the last 14 months of his administration. The consequences of Iran's holding Americans captive, together with continuing inflation at home, were factors in Carter's defeat in the 1980 US Presidential elections. He pursued the difficult negotiations over the hostages and the day he left office, Iran finally released the 52 Americans.

The 15 words I haven’t knew the meaning were:

1.Calisthenics: Gymnastic exercises designed to develop physical health and vigor, usually performed with little or no special apparatus.

2.Lieutenant: A person who holds an office, civil or military, in subordination to a superior for whom he or she acts: If he can't attend, he will send his lieutenant.

3.Pork Barrel: A government appropriation, bill, or policy that supplies funds for local improvements designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents.

4.Industrialization: Conversion to the methods, aims, and ideals of industry and economic activity, particularly of an area that was previously underdeveloped economically.

5.Inherent: Existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute: an inherent distrust of strangers.

6.Economic: Pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and commodities.

7.Maneuvar: A planned and regulated movement or evolution of...
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