Jfk Inaugural Speech Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, Cold War / Pages: 3 (715 words) / Published: Jan 6th, 2011
John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech is certainly one to remember. It’s memorable not for its length, but for the effective content that it beholds. He entices readers by the use of strong rhetoric techniques. His inaugural analyzes style of writing, such as diction, tropes, schemes, and syntax, and applies the concept of it effectively throughout the speech. A reader performs rhetorical analysis to examine how authors attempt to persuade their audiences by looking at the various components that make up the art of persuasion. Moreover, it is most essential to be able to understand the relationship among the speaker, subject, and audience, which President Kennedy adequately exploits in his speech. It is a necessity to be able to identify the speaker, subject, and audience in a piece of writing, such as John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech. The ethical appeal, instead refers to the credibility, character, and confidence of a writer. There are a number of ways in which an author may establish ethical appeal. During the time period in which it was written, cold war tensions were still lingering the atmosphere and Kennedy had just won the position as president in a very close election over an accomplished opponent. Therefore, the nation is vulnerable and tense and has reached a turning point in history. The speaker would be classified as the narrator, which in this case is John F. Kennedy. Since he was elected president, the audience views him as an authoritative figure whose speech should be respected. Although Kennedy was young, he still faced critique on his tone and image, whether that be physical or mental. His speech was not aimed toward any particular individual, it was written for the world. So, it was expected of him to exhibit hope, compassion, strength, and loyalty. The speaker, subject, and audience all depend on each other in a piece of work because without them, it would be difficult to identify what the writing is talking about and who would be affected by

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