jews in germany during the holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Under the new government in Germany human rights were destructed. The German Jews faced even harsher degradation and persecution. The German government also singled out minorities as enemies of the new state and objects of persecution. From the beginning of the regime racism was institutionalized as state policy. The national socialist party SA and SS created offices to study and develop policies on racial matters such as the “Jewish question”.

Between 1933 and 1939 The Nazis progressively striped the German Jews of their rights and equality, they were also deprived of their principal means of assimilation into German society. They were persecuted in numerous ways. The storm troops subjected the Jews to verbal harassments and beatings. Brown-shirted thugs carried out there own forms of torture against the Jews by vandalizing synagogues, wrecking Jewish graveyards, destroying work places that Jewish people owned and boycotted Jewish businesses. Jews were hunted down by the storm troops and vilified if they were suspected to be having sexual relations with the Germans or Aryan race. In concentration camps storm troops were killing prisoners more freely.

The German Jews didn’t have many options in formulating a response, or rebelling against the Nazi party because it was to strong. Some of the Jews who effected by the heinous crimes of the storm troops tried adjusting to the new living situations, they had hope that the punishments would cease. To remain calm for their families many Jews expressed gratefulness for exceptions in government measures and pretended to dismiss the cruelties against them. Certain German Jews who couldn’t adjust to the cruelties against them committed suicide. Nazi attacks were also responded to in a political-cultural way. The Central Committee of German Jews for relief and Reconstruction was created as an attempt to help out there situation, under the committee a Jewish school system that cultivated Jewish self awareness and...
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