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Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Racism Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Pharmacy in Nazi Germany 1933: Disgraceful treatment of the Jews
We all know that Jews were discriminated against in the 1930’s but the drug store owner faired the best among all the Jews. Even with all the hate and discrimination Jewish drug store owners continued to own and operate drug stores. The Nazi party tried to control and oversee the way drug stores operated, this was met with drug store owners banning together and forming the fighting league. This fighting league forced the Nazi party to let the drug store owners stay a private organization. This goes to show that even with hate for another religious preference that good can still come about. Equalization of drug store owners

Nearly 50% of all apothecaries in Berlin were Jewish owned which made “Aryan” non-Jewish owners jealous. These owners wanted change and to be equal with the successful Jewish owners. The “Fighting League of the Professional Middle Classes” (unknown, 2004) was formed by drug store owners to fight against the Nazi party for control of drug stores. The Nazi party trying to control the drug stores and discrimination of Jews caused a large portion of Jewish drug store owners to sell their businesses and move to other countries. This in turn brought the Jewish owned drug stores down from 50% in Berlin to nearly 10% for the whole country. Nazi party tries to control drug stores

The Aryan Paragraph (Unknown, 2004), started by the Nazi party, was used in all civil services to weed out Jews from the country. Although some exemptions to the Aryan paragraph were made for Jewish owners who fought and shed blood for the brown shirts proving themselves to be front fighters. During the debates between the fighting league and the Nazi party, the Nazi party proclaimed the fighting league to be a private organization. Fall out of Jewish drug stores

Jewish drug store owners in smaller towns had to close their doors and leave the country. Partly because in small towns everyone knew...
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