Jewish Identity

Topics: Judaism, Israel, Torah Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: August 27, 2013
“Judaism is unique.”Jewish Identity contains many different aspects: Ethnic Jews, Jewish culture, Jewish Religion, and Orthodox Judaism. It also includes how they portray God, in how they spell his name on websites, books, or movies. Jewish people are defined by God and their community. They are close-knit. Jewish people have many different ideas of what Jewish identity really is.

Ethnic Jews is a term that describes someone who was raised from a family of Jews. They do not have to actually practice Judaism, but they still identify themselves as Jewish. People who practice Judaism, but are not born of Jewish heritage can not be referred to as Ethnic Jews. This term can be used to distinguish Jews born of Jewish parents from Jews who joined the religion without any background. Ethnic Jews can still be applied to Jews who are Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, or Christians. It does not matter the current religion as long as their parents were Jewish.

Culture is a very important part of most societies. Jewish culture is the same way. They have comedy, music, and dance. Jewish humor has been forming for the past one hundred and fifty years. Jewish individuals enjoy the same types of things that regular "Americans" do, such as radio, stand-up comedy, movies and television shows. Most screenplays of American musicals in the 20th century, were written by Jewish individuals. Theater symbolizes finding new identities which is something that Jewish people were and are still desperately craving. Jews mostly migrated from Eastern Europe into New York City. By nineteen ten, Jews were already one fourth of the population. Jewish Artists began to become a part of the city, by showing their artwork to the world, while trying to find themselves. Jewish religious music was frequently sang by a single individual. Dance was a huge part of the Jewish culture throughout the years. They used dance to express love and joy.

Jewish Religion is a huge part of their identity. Jewish...
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