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Topics: Jeffrey Dahmer, Murder, Death Penalty Pages: 7 (251 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Jeffrey Lionel
Fabiola Aguinaga
Clarissa Guzman
Forensic Science
Miss Veronica Ibarra

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee on
May 21, 1960. He killed his first murder
victim, Steven Hicks, with a blow to the
head in 1978. Dahmer killed 17 men,
molesting some of them, between 1978 to
1991. Once caught, he was sentenced to 15
consecutive life terms in 1992. On
November 28, 1994, Dahmer was murdered
by fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver.

Why were they important
towards the development
of forensic science?

• Jeffrey Dahmer is related to
the subject of forensic science
in this science we can see that
the crimes are related,
evidence, crime scenes and
the type of scientic method.
Clearly Dahmer develops much
with this science for all the
crimes he committed and so it
is a serial murderer.

Type of Crime
• Felony: major crime punishable by fines
and/or more than one year in prision.
• Cannibal
• Murder
• Rape
• Necrophilia
• Dismemberment
• Serial Killer
• Sex offender

Types of evidence
• When he was
arrested several
body parts and
skulls were found in
his apartment. The
police discovered
that Dahmer
collects pictures of
the dismembered

First Victim-Steven Hicks
• Dahmer pick up 19 year old
Steven Hicks as a hitchhiker
• Dalmer took him to his house
for a sexual encounter.
• When the two were done,
Hicks tried to leave, but
Dahmer wanted him to stay,
so he struck him over the
head with a barbell, killing

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