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Topics: Virginia, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: September 30, 2013
From 1789 to 1807 the American Government was just getting started. The government was still forming and many other important events happened in this time. There were many people who affected the outcome of events of this time period. One of these people was James Madison. He did many things that caused America to be like it is today. James Madison was born in March 16, 1751 at Port Conway in Virginia. He was the eldest of twelve children. At age twelve, Madison was sent to boarding school. Madison returned five years later. Madison then had to stay at home and have private tutoring because of health issues. After two years Madison went to college at the College of New Jersey (Princeton University). He graduated in 1771. He was then elected to the Orange County Committee of Safety in 1774. As the revolutionary war started around 1776 Madison tried to join the army but because of his health issues he couldn’t do the exercises. Later in 1776 Madison represented Orange County at the Virginia Convention. He then worked with George Mason on Virginia’s new constitution. In 1780 Madison went to Philadelphia as one of Virginia’s delegates for the Continental Congress. He returned to Virginia in 1783 and stated to work on Virginia’s Statute of Religious Freedom which passed in 1786.In 1787 Madison represented Virginia at the Constitution Convention. He made the Virginia Plan (the plan that all the others were based off of). Madison then won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789. He worked on the Bill of Rights. Madison gave up on politics for a while in 1797. Madison returned to politics in 1801 when Thomas Jefferson asked Madison to be his secretary of state. Madison then became president in 1808 and did many things in his presidency. He left office in 1817 and went back to plantation life with his wife. He started the University of Virginia. He later died on June 28, 1836. During his life Madison had many beliefs and ideas that related to the time period...
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