Jacques Cousteau

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Intro to Scuba Science
April 09, 2013
The Father of Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving has become a very popular sport in the past few decades since it is affordable and catches the attention of adventurous people. At first scuba diving wasn’t recreational, it was expensive and one usually had to be in the military to get an opportunity to explore the ocean and you were still limited to a certain distance since you were attached to a hose. This all changed thanks to Jacques Cousteau who changed ocean exploration for the best. Cousteau is known as an explorer, environmentalist, marine biologist, and filmmaker. His achievements range from the invention of the first twin hose demand regulator or Aqua Lung to creating underwater habitats for humans. His dedication to discovering the mysteries of the sea open the eyes of people to a new world right under their noses.
Society has always been interested in discovering different galaxies and planets spending 35 billion dollars a year in the process. The Earth is 70% water (97% salt, 2% glaciers, 1% fresh water) which only 10 % of the oceans have been explored. Instead of spending all this money of space travel it should be put to exploring the mysteries of the Earth’s Oceans. Fortunately there are still many scientists in this mission to discover this underwater world but one by the name of Jacques Yves Cousteau paved the way for the rest. Jacques Cousteau made it possible for humans to be able to breathe underwater by the use of pressurized air, the invention of the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Scuba) and other underwater tools we use today (Shreeves). Cousteau is one of the most important figures in Scuba Diving and if it wasn’t for his passion for the ocean it would of took much longer to explore this new world.
To understand this historical diver’s passion for the ocean first it is necessary to know his origins and what influenced his interest in the seas. Jacques Cousteau

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