Jack Laytons view on crisis of homeless people

Topics: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: October 10, 2013
) In your own words, please summarize the main points of the reading. John Layton published this book in his dying days, and in it he talks about the time his ancestors first settled in Canada and the support they’ve received from Mi’kmaq a tribe of first nation’s people. To Layton’s ancestors, this was a warm welcome after being deceived that they had property in Pennsylvania by the investors their family invested in before fleeing Germany in 1765. Then his ancestors were guided by the ways of the Mi’Kmaq into building a small town that now withholds 300,000 Canadians. What Layton brings into discussion is that the many homeless people we now see, in Canada, are first nation’s people, and how the economy offers no help to the original people of Canada and just watches them suffer. He describes that this has to do with the politics of the country, and how the government oversees the issue of many Canadian who cannot afford housing. This is also because housing production has been privatized, which means all houses built want to be sold for the highest possible price. He also mentions that it has to do with politicians paying too close attention to lowering taxes, and other political issues, but housing. But overall, the main point is that people nowadays are all for themselves; no one offers to care for or help the homeless, and he finds this tragic because if his ancestors received no help, they would have never survived the harsh conditions of Canada, which they were not used too. Layton was requested by councillors and mayors to set a team to respond to homeless situation that many Canadians suffer. 2) Has the author identified the problem or issue? Is it clearly defined and established? Layton has clearly identified the crisis of homelessness that goes on in Canada, either to foreigners or first nation’s people. The problem, he points out, is that there are too many people living on the streets; over one million Canadians could use some help in...
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